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Services Offered

Emotional Support

  • Provide a venue to “vent” and “process” without incurring attorney’s fees.

  • Offer accessibility on weekends and evenings when divorce “happens”.

  • Manage and mitigate reactions and responses.

  • Distinguish business matters from emotional issues.

  • Reduce the overall abrasive and destructive effects of divorce.

Spiritual Support (For People of Faith)

  • Talk through how your divorce has impacted your belief in God.

  • Work through Anger and Disappointment in God.

  • Create a Journal that helps your faith grow even through the challenges of divorce.

  • Help connect you with compassionate and loving support from pastoral ministry leaders.

  • Connect you with ways to strengthen your faith by giving back to your community.

Strategic Support

  • Identify divorce options and design creative solutions.

  • Determine goals and create an action plan.

  • Build divorce “must have” and “nice to have” lists.

  • Provide support to handle complicated and stressful issues.

  • Recommend other professional advice when needed.

Legal Support

  • Provide guidance in the attorney-selection process.

  • Supply an overview of the divorce process and how it works.

  • Clarify legalese

  • Assist in the formation of a functional alliance between you and your attorney.

  • Organize divorce documents and materials.

  • Identify key points in documents that contain complex legal language.

Family Support

  • Develop a parenting plan that works for your family.

  • Assist in child-related components of the divorce process.

  • Work with you to understand the complexities of shared parenting.

  • Create a calendar to visualize the new schedule.

Communication Support

  • Help develop effective communication skills.

  • Provide training in the art of negotiating.

  • Create or edit communications between parties: spouse, attorneys, accountants, etc.

  • Anticipate and prepare for opportunities and scenarios through role playing.

Organizational Support

  • Assist in regaining control of a chaotic situation.

  • Identify and prioritize tasks.

  • Be prepared for each aspect of divorce.

What Past Clients Are Saying:



"Talking to someone who has been in a similar situation is beneficial for sure. Hannah has not only been there she came out of her divorce a force of nature. Every conversation with her is a learning experience. Her advice on handling a difficult personality through descalating techniques while remaining composed was so helpful. In short Hannah is an angel sent to help and guide people and she does it beautifully. I consider myself blessed to have met her and learn from her."




Hannah's prayerful and loving heart is a God given gift that she uses so fully to bless each person... So Blessed to have been led by a special leader like Hannah saying "Hey! I know your hurt all too well and I am here for you to guide you and help show you how to take your next step forward with Jesus, Our Hope and Savior and rebuild after divorce!!"



"...It had been at least five years after my divorce and I was still struggling. As a coach Hannah was sympathetic and very conscientious of my needs. For example I had shared a personal incident with my ex husband that was not typical in a marriage. Actually I couldn’t believe I brought it up. Hannah called me later to discuss it further which made me feel comfortable with my decision to share. I felt like not every coach would take that extra step of kindness and comfort in helping me to find closure. Thank you and God Bless you Hannah for being my coach."




"Hannah was amazing! She has been through a divorce, so she understands the pain, regret, anger, and many other feelings. She wasn’t afraid to share that with us, she was humble and vulnerable to help us all feel more comfortable. She understands on a deep level what the rest of us were going through. She openness and honesty with some details about her feelings during her divorce really helped me to be able to share and to realize that all the emotions I was dealing with are normal. Hannah is a strong leader, but more importantly, she is humble and gives the glory to God. She allows God to use her and her experiences to minister to others in what is often our most desperate time in our lives."

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